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As per the current situation, the whole world is going through the virus pandemic. So, it's pretty evident that smartphone manufacturers or giant tech

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As per the current situation, the whole world is going through the virus pandemic. So, it’s pretty evident that smartphone manufacturers or giant tech companies are trying their best to contribute something through their technology to ease the work of people that may involve physical interactions. Some of the many applications and devices are playing their part in the health care sector that does not involve regular meet-ups with doctors such as blood pressure machines or sugar testing kits. These devices are entirely accurate in their output; however, one can’t say the same thing for application on the phone as most of them give inaccurate results. Many a time, they also try to take user information by asking for fingerprints, which is popularly known as digital theft.

During the phase of CORONA, it is necessary to keep checking the oxygen rate and heartbeat as in all the sectors, people are checking oxygen rate and temperature when they are going to malls, airports, or some other kind of work that requires stepping out of the home. It has become very much essential to keep checking oneself after interaction with people. So, to make the life of everyone much easier, Xiaomi came up with the brilliant idea of limiting the heart rate through the camera lens. Back in July last year, a new health and fitness application called Mi. Xiaomi was introduced to health. At launch, the application included just a couple of fitness tracking features like step tracking, sleep monitoring, and menstruation cycle tracking. With MIUI 12, Xiaomi introduced a couple of new features to the application earlier this year, including improvements for the step counter, new sleep tracking features, and a sedentary reminder. Now, Xiaomi is adding heart rate monitoring to the application with its latest update to keep fighting this pandemic. The XDA-Developers have confirmed that the v2.7.4 version of the application will now be able to measure your heart rate using just the camera of your phone (no additional sensors or hardware required).

It is quite simple to use:  one has to put his index finger on the camera lens and wait until the progress bar gets to 100%. There are also some filters by which one can select the type of heart rate he wants to measure. It has a general status, resting status, or after exercise status, which is unique as earlier there was no such application that included these kinds of categories within their product.

After the process, one will receive a complete heart test report, revealing whether the heart rate is slow, regular, or fast. The only extra thing one has to do is clean the camera lens after testing. All the data will gradually get stored on the device, so a person can compare his heart rate over time.