building on safety through nano-coating. eternal making coatings more efficient and more environmentally sustainable

2 days ago | nantou county

we want a world that works for everyone—and we believe technology and innovation can achieve this goal!

back to the end of 2018, eternal materials (em) launched the project of #eternalcharity (興公益) to support charity through their knowledge, products and technology. today, with 24 voluntary workers leading by chairman allen kao, em entered a rural mountain school with an altitude of 1,400 meters high in nantou county to build on school safety through nano-coating.

pedestrian bridges and railings at campus had suffered from severe corrosion due to damp and extreme weather. to solve this problem and better utilize and prolong the service life of structures, em decided to partner with a local painting contractor and used eternal fluorocarbon coating products. the chairman said “our aim is to make coatings more efficient and more environmentally sustainable and bring about positive change.”

in fact, most students of renai junior high school are aboriginals, such as sedig, atayal and bunun and few are from paiyi tribe, myanmar. all that makes renai school very diverse, creative and unique. i believe “knowledge is value, which can empower children to learn” principal chu speaking at #eternallabcourse taught by em volunteers.