Taiwan, officially known as the Republic of China has set a goal to vaccinate sixty percent of its total population living on the island nation. The p

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Taiwan, officially known as the Republic of China has set a goal to vaccinate sixty percent of its total population living on the island nation. The percentage goal by the government of Taiwan coincides with reports by many medical researchers stating that herd immunity can come into effect if minimum sixty percent of the population of a particular area either gets vaccinated or gets not only infected with the pathogen but also recovers and builds up immunity against the disease by producing antigens against the particular pathogen.

According to a health official, Taiwan plans to give vaccinations shots to almost fifteen million people in order to build immunity against COVID 19. Taiwan has been signing bilateral agreements with many companies and organizations for purchasing COVID 19 vaccines. Among them is COVAX, a global plan made to distribute the vaccines equally. As per Jing-Hui Yang, a deputy director at the Central Epidemic Command Center, the Taiwanese Government is also in talks with other organizations whose candidates for COVID 19 vaccine are in Phase three trials for a potential bilateral agreement.

Yang said that the immunization programme will take place in a phased manner. A priority list has been wherein the whole population has been divided into different categories on the basis of the occupation, age and the status of health. It is according to this priority list that the immunization programme will be taking place. Topping the priority list are the frontline healthcare workers who although stand the highest chance of getting contracted with the deadly disease yet are working day and night to take care of the affected individuals diligently.

Yang added that the frontline healthcare workers and the essential personnel, both are going to be vaccinated simultaneously. After these two groups have been vaccinated fully and successfully, the government will be targeting the elderly population of the island followed by the citizens who have existing chronic diseases.

According to the officials, the vaccines are set to arrive within the first few months of 2021. Yang has also warned that although the vaccine is expected to arrive within a few months, citizens should not lower their guard against the coronavirus as the immunization programme is going to be a very lengthy programme which will be taking a lot of time to cover the whole population living on the island, rather than just a month or two.

He asked the citizens to continue practising social distancing and basic hygiene practises like washing their hands frequently, carrying sanitizers with themselves and wearing masks whenever stepping out. The citizens were also advised to refrain from stepping out of their homes unless necessary.

The COVID 19 situation is being managed quite well in Taiwan so far. While half of the world is struggling with daily incoming cases crossing the thousand mark and even ten thousand marks in some countries, Taiwan did not see a serious number of coronavirus cases for many months apart from a few occasional peaks that it touched in the months of March, April, November and December.