vinyl ester resin is produced from the esterificated of an epoxy resin with a methacrylic acid, and the reacted product is then dissolved in styrene monomer. vinyl ester resin have got both advantages of unsaturated polyester resin and epoxy resin, including excellence corrosion resistance of most acidic and alkali chemicals ; more strength and mechanical properties; superior operability and environmental durability.

vinyl ester resin

item name characteristics applications data sheets pdf
eterset 2960 series bisphenol a type

●comply with fda regulation 21 cfr 177.2420
●registered approval for marine by dnv
corrosion control application.
eterset 2962 novolac type

●exceptional mechanical properties at higher temperatures
●superior corrosion and oxidation resistance
●good wet-out
corrosion control application.
eterset 2967 brominated bisphenol a type

excellent fire property, achieving astm e84 a class, oi 42, ul-94 v-0 without any additives.
frp tanks and pipes for corrosion control and fire retardance application.