unsaturated polyester resin is a condensation polymer formed by the reaction of polyols and saturated/unsaturated dibasic acids at 190-220℃ until the expected acid value or viscosity is met. after reaction procedure, addition of certain amount of styrene monomer to formed a unsaturated polyester resin. it possesses good mechanical and electric properties, corrosion resistance. curing can occur at room temperaturewithout any heating equipment, and makes it easier to manufacture large objects.

unsaturated polyester resin for synthetic marble

item name characteristics applications data sheets pdf
eterset 2125-s high filler loading, low shrinkage, high strength. breton stone.
eterset 2166 exhibits good adhesion to marble, stone, polyester, and metal substrates. binder for highly fillered knifing fillers and stoppers for marble, stone and adhesives.
eterset 2416p-d exhibits fast curing and excellent operation. cultured onyx.counter top.
eterset 2447 excellent wet-out of sand, high strength. breton slab.
eterset 2450m high heat resistance, high chemical resistance & high stain resistance. excellent resistance to outdoor weathering with uv stabilizer resistance. high density marble and granitic marble.
eterset 2465 excellent wet-out of sand, high strength. breton slab.
eterset 2738a good chemical and heat resistance. excellent stain resistance. solid surface.
eterset 2824-1 excellent translucency.good wetting properties of ath. cultured onyx. counter top and sink.