lithium battery materials

lithium ion battery materials are not only used in 3c products and power of demands for electronic vehicles, but also played the key role in economizing on power or enhancing the development of efficiency in the future. the enteral company has been developing green energy and energy storage materials. we hope can provide the best green energy and energy storage materials to the society. now we develop lithium ion batteries, including electrolyte additives、 negative water-based binders and silicon-carbon as negative materials for lithium-ion batteries.
silicon-carbon as negative materials for lithium-ion batteries is valued in process of the development of high energy density of lithium batteries. the surface modification of suitable materials can improve the bulk dilatation and reduce some cracks on the surface after silicon is charged.
electrolyte additives for lithium –ion batteries are supplied for batteries and electrochemical system. the additive has several functions, such as removing water from inside of batteries, improving cycle life of cells, preventing electrolyte decomposed and more than that it can be formed a laminate on the surface of electrode to enhance efficiency of batteries.
the main function of negative water-based binders for lithium-ion batteries is to combine with contents. however, it has electrolyte wettability, electrochemical stability, dispersibility and no pollution.

electrolyte additives of lithium ion battery

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eteresm ad1710 we had proposed an effective approach to improve the cycle performance of lithium ion battery for conventional electrolytes at high voltages and high temperature. high energy density of lithium ion cells and supercapacitor.