amino resin is the general term of the resin formed by condensation polymerization of compounds containing amino group and formaldehyde. it is the bridging agent in coatings, and has great impact on the physical properties of the coating especially for the performance of baking paint. based on the differences in etherified functional groups, it can be subdivided into methyl etherified and butyl etherified types. it is used to mix with alkyd or acrylic resin to make wood and metal baking paint, and its main function is being the cross-linking agent of curing. in particular, the melamine resin has the characteristics of coating hardness, high wear resistance, high gloss, oil and wax resistance, solvent resistance, anti-cracking, anti-aging and anti-discoloration.
it is mainly used in can coating, automotive baking paint, baking paint for bicycle, acid-curing wood coating, coil coating, metallic paint and so on.

benzoguanamine formaldehyde resin

item name characteristics applications data sheets pdf
etermino 9411-75 high gloss, good adhesion, steam resistance can coating ,baking enamel of automobile
etermino 9412-70 high gloss, good adhesion, steam resistance, fast curing can coating ,baking enamel of automobile