water-based acrylic coating resin is mainly used as latex binder. based on the monomer composition, it is usually divided into pure acrylic emulsion, styrene-acrylic emulsion, vinyl acrylic emulsion and vinyl acetate emulsion. compared with the traditional oil-based paint, it has the advantages of low price, safety, resource- and energy-saving, less environmental pollution and hazards (solvent release), etc. water-based and low voc acrylic resin is the trend of the future, so we will continue developing this resin.
mainly used in the interior latex paint, interior / exterior water-based cement paint, stone paint, metal / cans waterborne paint, water-based wood coating, elastic coating, cement waterproof material and cement additives for constructions.

acrylic copolymer emulsion

item name characteristics applications data sheets pdf
etersol 1118af high gloss, excellent weather and water resistance, alkali resistance, excellent adhesion with cement wall, low odor and apeo free intermediate and advanced exterior latex paint
etersol 1118af-4 high gloss, high adhesion, weather resistance, excellent water and alkali resistance, low odor, and apeo free intermediate and advanced exterior latex paint
etersol 1135-5 high gloss, good weather resistance, adhesion, washing resistance, water and alkali resistance, good dispersion, excellent workability exterior latex paint, true stone paint
etersol 1137 adhesion and water repellency, anti-tannic acid sealing primer, good dry film transparency, rust prevention waterproof paint, water-based wood sealing primer, and metal primer