structural adhesive possesses high elongation, toughness, high impact strength properties. the anti-sagging properties can be applied on non-horizontal or vertical surface application, suitable for two distinct structural complementary substances. it can offer excellent interlaminar bonding joint between adherends and subsequesnt laminate substrate structures between metals and composites materials.
suggested for marine, composite industrials, transportation areas which have different materials bonding demand. besides excellent static bonding strength, it can also provide very good anti-seismic property especially metals and nonmetallic adhesive materials for longterm and reliable adhesion.
if you want to enhance productivity and create high added value products, the answer is “eternal structural adhesive”.

unsaturated polyester based structural adhesive

item name characteristics applications data sheets pdf
2976pt 1. medium viscosity, medium thixotropy.
2. low density.
3. low exotherm.
4. well adhesion between frp/sandwich panel.
1. adhesive for bonding sandwich panel on boat or yacht.
2. to easily fill all of the cuts in the sandwich panel.
3. well adhesion between frp and laminate.