epoxy resin is easy to process and has low shrinkage, high mechanical strength, resistance to heat and chemical and insulating properties. it also works well on metal, wood, ceramics, composites and etc., hence is commonly used as a substrate material of composites.
the characteristics ofawell-cured epoxy resin are as follows :
1. solvent free, low shrinkage and excellent dimension stability
2. excellent electric and mechanism properties
3. resistance to water and chemical
4. excellent adhesion with metals, woods, concrete and ceramic
5. excellent performance on hardness and abrasion
6. can formulate with various hardeners to obtain different outcomes
7. can mix with a variety of diluents, fillers and etc. to raise quality
8. storage stability

high performance epoxy

item name characteristics applications data sheets pdf
8301-b12/9004-701 1.high temperature resistance up to 130°c
2.good wetting property with several fabric
3.low shrinkage
automotive parts
8301-b85/9003-601 1.good wetting property with several fabric,
2.room temperature curing,
3.very low viscosity after mixed
automotive parts
8301-b85/9007-332 1.long operating time
2.good wetting property with several fabric
boat, yacht and wind blade