the company’s silicone surface control additives aremainly divided into slipping and leveling additive, substrate wetting additive, uv release additive andanti-graffiti resin.the main applications are on coatings, ink and adhesives.they offer the abilities of slipping and leveling, wetting, anti-shrinkage,pigment flooding and floating.


item name characteristics applications data sheets pdf
eterad 4603 ‧excellent substrate wetting and slipping, fast leveling speed, low foam stability. for overprint varnish for paper and wood coatings, etc., excellent slipping and leveling speed.
eterad 4608 ‧excellent leveling, recoatability and compatibility, slightly enhancedslipping. for ink, wood coatings, automotive refinish paints, etc., excellent leveling, anti-shrinkage,no impact on recoatability.
eterad 4610 ‧high compatibility, excellent substrate wetting and slipping. wide range of applications, excellent substrate wetting and slipping
eterad 4613 ‧excellent slipping, anti-shrinkage effect and anti-blocking effect for ink, industrial lacquer and wood coatings, etc. excellent slipping, anti-shrinkage, anti-blocking
eterad 4618sl ‧rubber handle, fine and thick, handle feeling isless affected by film thickness. for uv handle paint, provides a rubber handle.
eterad 4622 excellent leveling and wetting, enhances gloss of paint film and helps peeling. synthetic leather, improving leveling and handling.
eterad 4625 participates in reactions, long-lasting and anti-adhesion properties, good compatibility with pu, good wetting and leveling, helps peeling. synthetic leather, polyurethane resin
eterad 4630a ‧temperature resistance, no decompositionat 230℃. good leveling, recoatability, no foam stability for baking varnish, wood coatings, industrial coatings, with recoatability and no foam stability.
eterad 4643 ‧excellent anti-shrinkage, substrate wetting,flow-promoting, recoatability. especially suitable for aqueous systems and uv curing systems, excellent substrate wetting and anti- shrinkage properties.
eterad 4646 ‧excellent substrate wetting, good recoatability, water miscible. especially suitable for aqueous systems, good recoatability.
eterad 4650t-1 ‧acrylate-containing functional groups, hasradiation crosslinking and radiation curing. for uv curable formulations, resistant to marker pens andwith both slippingand defoaming effects
eterad 4656 ‧acrylate-containing functional groups, hasradiation crosslinking and radiation curing. leveling agent for uv. can improve substrate wetting and the orientation of the matte powder.
eterad 4671 ‧contains hydroxyl, resistant to marker pens, won't affect the system gloss. for coatings with two component types, hydrophobic, oleophobic, marker pen resistance, additional release effect, no impact on system gloss
eterad 4672n-1 ‧contains hydroxyl, can participate in the reactions. for coatings with two component types, hydrophobic, oleophobic, marker pen resistance, additional release effect
eterad 4675p ‧provides long-wave leveling, and can prevent shrinkage;good compatibility, can reduce the haze sensitivity of coating film, does not affect recoatability. wide range of applications, high compatibility, enhancing the flatness of the paint film