printed circuit boards are mainly used in products of information technology, communications, automobiles, semiconductors, consumer electronics, etc. not only do permanent materials such as substrates, interlayer, outermost solder protection and soldered connection materials differ based on the requirements of different products, but the requirements of indirect materials used in the manufacturing process will also be different.
based on the materials used, process technology and product applications, printed circuit boards can be mainly divided into different products such as rigid pcb, flexible pcb, rigid-flexible composite pcb and ic boards.
uv curable inks are used in the screen printing process and are suitable for printing text and graphical marks on double-sided and multi-layer printed circuit boards. after curing, inks feature excellent adhesion and heat resistance.

uv ink

item name characteristics applications data sheets pdf
etercure 692 1. high clarity in printing
2. good heat resistance
text/graphical mark printing