iPhone 12 Pro Max Review

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iPhone 12 Pro Max Review

Apple announced and confirmed the launch of the upcoming iPhone 12 Pro Max on October 23, 2020. With a sleek look and clear, crisp screen, this mod


Apple announced and confirmed the launch of the upcoming iPhone 12 Pro Max on October 23, 2020.

With a sleek look and clear, crisp screen, this model will definitely make your eye twinkle. The hard edges, unlike the soft edges of the iPhone 11 Pro Max, provide a good grip for holding. Combined with the geometrical symmetry of iPhone 5 and edge to edge screen technology of iPhone 11 Pro Max, one can term this model as the most beautiful and perfect phone made till now, design-wise. When held, you will know that what your hands are holding is nothing less than majestic. The praises don’t stop just here. It goes without saying that the model is dust and water-resistant. It can easily be submerged under 6 meters of water for a good 30 minutes. Watching videos is going to be nothing less than an experience for it has got a huge OLED display – measuring 6.7 inches diagonally. iPhone 12 ProMax weighs 226 grams, comparatively heavy when compared to its present competitors in the market and way heavier than its predecessors in the series. The size might be a bane to some users but it is nothing less than a boon to those who prefer doing all their work on their phones.

The phone is said to have the fastest GPU ever found in a phone which makes it a perfect device for gamers. With speculations of PUBG making a comeback in India filling the air, gamers can certainly start to gear up!

Key Specifications:

  • RAM: 6GB
  • STORAGE: 128,256,512GB
  • SCREEN: 6.7 in the super retina
  • PROCESSOR: Apple A14 Bionic
  • CONNECTIVITY: 5g, wifi6, NFC, Lightning, ultra-wideband, and GPS
  • WATER RESISTANCE: IP68 {6m for 30 mins}

ProMax features the same selfie camera as that of its predecessors in the 12 series.

The 12 Pro Max has good light detection, a ranging scanner on the back for night mode portraits, and features faster autofocus than others. It  has reduced the ultra-wide

camera’s distortion at the edges of the frame so even if you use the ultra-wide camera to shoot pictures, you will surely get decent and clear picture. . iPhone 12 ProMax is nothing less than a blessing for die-hard Apple fans as the battery life is 48 hours plus of this model. It just takes only 80 minutes to reach 100% charge. This year Apple has also added new innovative MagSafe tech to the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which enables you to magnetically clip charger case accessories to the iPhone as it has remove charging block and EarPods from the box.

The iPhone 12 ProMax is Apple’s smartest, ambitious, and premium phone yet. It boasts much more refined features than its predecessor. Is it worth buying? A big yes provided, you have deep pockets. iPhone 12 Pro Max price starts from Rs. 129,900.

In simple words, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is the perfect gift for yourself.