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Now it’s been almost eight months, and the entire world is still struggling with this pandemic. This year around 817,036 people have lost their lives due to the covid-19 virus as of 24th August. Everyone is trying to live with this virus by adopting the new normal life with masks and sanitizers. 

The number of covid cases is increasing rapidly. Around 50,000 to 60,000, new covid cases are registered in India every single day.  

On Sunday, the Union Health Ministry stated that the recovery rate amongst covid patients reached nearly 75%.  

India’s recovery rate is increasing, and now the total number of recoveries exceeds the total active cases of Covid in India.  

If we compare the recovery rate of Covid patients with other countries, then India ranks in the 9th number with 75% recovery rate of the top 15 countries.

Chile ranks in the top with 353,131 recoveries out of 380,034 cases, and the US currently has the lowest recovery rate is 34% with only 1,774,648 cases recovered out of 5,249,155. 

India reported 60,975 fresh cases and 854 fatalities within the last 24 hours. The recovery rate is increasing, but at the same time, the new cases are also rising. 

Here are the five most affected states in India they are- Maharashtra with 693,398 cases; Tamil Nadu with 385,352; Andhra Pradesh with 361,712 cases; Karnataka with 283,665 cases and Uttar Pradesh with 192,382 cases.  

In the country, the total active cases of covid 19 are 704,308, and the total number of recovered and discharged from the hospital are 24,04,585 people. You can see that the number of recovered patients are more than three times the total active cases.  

The number of infected persons crossed more than 23 million and fatalities recorded more than 8 lakh in the worldwide. 

The US is the first country profoundly affected by the covid 19 virus with 5,914,682 cases, and it has followed by Brazil with 3,627,217 cases.

Every country is trying its best to deal with this virus and putting all their efforts to discover the medicine and to save the life of its citizens.

We hope that everything will be fine soon and the vaccine will be ready shortly. Till then, take care of yourself, use masks, and sanitizers regularly. 

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