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This pandemic had put a full stop on the travel for an extended period. Due to the lockdown and restriction on passenger movement from one place to another, many people were forced to live in an unknown place, far from their families, but now there is good news for those who want to travel to the UAE. 

Earlier Indians were not permitted to fly to UAE, despite having the tourist visa but now the Ambassador of India to the UAE, Pawan Kapoor tweeted on Monday, that, ‘Very pleased to see the @MoCA_Gol notification this evening as per which both Indians & UAE airlines can now carry any Indian national holding any type of valid UAE visa from India to UAE!’

You can hope flights between the two countries will start from August 16, 2020, until August 31.  

During this pandemic, traveling will never be the same as before. The world is trying to live with this virus; everyone is adapting to this new lifestyle. Airlines have taken several precautionary measures to cope up with this deadly virus. Airlines have issued several guidelines for travelers traveling between India and UAE. You can expect several changes during traveling via airlines. 

Different airlines such as Indigo, Vistara may have different guidelines for the passengers, so those who are willing to travel can check the detailed instructions on airlines’ particular websites. 

Earlier, only residency visa holders were allowed to travel from one country to another on flights that are being operated as India’s representation mission called Vande Bharat. 

After the announcement of Pawan Kapoor, Indian citizens can now book their tickets from UAE to 18 different destinations in India. 

Passengers can choose among Delhi to Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi to Gaya; Delhi to Dubai; Dubai to Mumbai; Lucknow to Dubai, Chennai to Dubai, Kozhikode to Dubai, Dubai to Bengaluru, and Sharjah to Mengaluru.  

Flight operations between India to UAE were halted for five months due to the Covid-19, but now the stranded travelers can return to their home and their loved ones. 

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