since its establishment in 1964, eternal has actively devoted in technology research and development, and formulate related policies to protect the intangible assets, enhance the corporate image and created product differentiation, and has become the key to maintain the high-growth momentum of the group.

eternal encourages all r&d colleagues to engage in the work of innovation. patent sources are not only derived from product development activities within all units, but also from brainstorming among different teams. over the years by top-down support and bottom-up actuation mechanisms, eternal group has brought about brilliant achievements in patent field. these high-quality patents have not only become the backbone of eternal business group's diverse development, but also enhanced the patent portfolio and layout, to become a winner in the knowledge-economy era.

although eternal has already achieved the very good results in many aspects, we still have been continuing to invest in developing environmentally-friendly materials and green energy technology. up to now, eternal has obtained more than 400 patents around the world. besides owning numbers of key-technology patents, we keep continuously developing new products with patent application in many countries and regions, including taiwan, the united states, china, europe, japan and korea. moreover, through the information management, focused on patent "quality" and "quantity", eternal has created long-term value and competitive advantage.

in addition to protecting its own intangible assets with all efforts, eternal respects the intellectual property rights of other companies. by aggressively cast in the sound management system set up for intellectual property rights, to seek to reduce the group's risk in operations and gain customers' confidence, this will not only successfully create the value of intangible assets for the group, but also shape a good model for industries in taiwan.