foundation stone: high-molecular chemical materials for specific use

the chemical industry in taiwan has become world class over the last 50 years. from initially focusing on processing intermediate materials, such as imported plastic and resin, technology has been gradually introduced to manufacture these raw materials.

incrementally, over the last forty years, the manufacturing system has become more complete. recently however, there have been changes in the overall industrial structure in taiwan, due to many labor-intensive industries leaving the country. left behind have been the "star industries" such as pcb, semiconductor, information, communication, display, cd-roms, energy, which have been growing aggressively. eternal specializes in providing these "star industries" with high-molecular specific use chemical materials. as these remaining industries are being upgraded and transformed, exclusive high-molecular chemical materials are in great demand, to produce products of high technology, high added value and low pollution.

method to expand: researching and developing

eternal emphasizes long-term research and development, challenging new technologies with confidence. it has been this long-term belief, as well as a carefully planned and strategic approach, in r&d that has fueled the steady upward rise of eternal. by being able to manufacture innovative products, we have elevated the turnover from one billion (nt$) twenty years ago to forty billion now. throughout, our research center, located in luchu, kaohsiung county, has been central to our implementation of r&d planning.

priority: an r&d team based on mutual trust

"an excellent researcher is not here to make a living, to contribute." our priority is to choose and foster talent. there is a mutual trust and understanding between our r&d team and management. eternal provides researchers with an opportunity to equal or better existing international chemical companies, and develop their potential to the full. eternal researchers enjoy an excellent working environment with impeccable facilities and total management support.

goal: to take tougher challenges

taiwan has been advancing in industrial technology infrastructure, and reinforcing its economic strength over the last few years. however, many specialty fine chemicals and key materials of new industries still need to be developed and upgraded. eternal's research chemists are cooperating with the most top and excellent companies to face the tougher challenge in the future.