business philosophy

  • we provide the best quality and service to our customers.
  • we care about the employees' welfare.
  • we strive to ensure the shareholders' rights.
  • we respect the rights of the stakeholder and strengthen corporate governance.
  • we are devoted to corporate social responsibility.

corporate culture

  • we are a law-abiding company that keeps promises and morality.
  • we make contribution to the society.
  • we provide tidy and graceful work environment.

global manufacturing and marketing

eternal's main manufacturing facilities are currently based in taiwan, china and the united states. we are planning to expand our manufacturing facilities to other countries in the future while also working closely with high-tech companies in japan, the u.s.a., germany and france. our marketing network in particular will take world's major cities.


「the major ground for eternal's constant growth is research and innovation. with the beliefs of “production quality, solid reputation, innovation and service”, we have been dedicating our efforts to technological development and promotion, with greater quality production, to carry out the principle of sustainable growth and techniques for continually offering benefits to the public.

with the operating goal of eternal: "plan for the future, and build the global brand", we take a broad view in the more capacious international field, and attempt, with our hard plowing in the global point market, to prove ourselves to be a global-brand supplier of materials.

facing the future, eternal seeks constant self-evaluation and growth. we believe we are well prepared to stand firm and confront the challenges ahead despite the intense competition, to create another high peak in our continual growth.