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On the occasion of the 74th Independence celebration, our honorable prime minister Narendra Modi hoisted the national flag at Red Fort in the national capital Delhi. 

After unfurling the tricolor, PM Narendra Modi addressed the nation and discussed several initiatives and welfare measures taken by his government. 

During his 86 minutes lengthy speech, he talked about peaceful resolutions, farmers’ welfare, sensitive issues like mensuration, and sanitary pads. 

Everyone praised Modi Ji for breaking the taboo and talking about menstruation and sanitary pads openly. 

The most crucial topic in his speech that drew the attention of many is “National Digital Health Mission.” Under this health mission, Indian citizens will get a Unique health Id that will easily avail of medical services. 

The PM stated that the health Id would store the medical records of every individual, and this mission will lead to a new revolution in India’s health sector. This health card or Id will be given to everyone. 

The card will contain all the medical details of the individual. All the tests, diseases you are suffering from, when and which medicine is being given to you, which doctor is prescribing, what’s in your reports, all the details will exist in that one health card.    

This digital health card will prove to be very beneficial; here are the benefits of National Digital Health Card Mission :

Every individual will get this card; they can pay off their medical bills via this card and get rid of the long hospital queues.

The card will record all the details like age, blood group, allergies (if any), previous surgeries (if any) if, on any medication, the entire medical history of the individual will be stored in this health card—the details of when, where and how he was treated for a particular disease. 

The National Digital health card also aims to provide online platforms to doctors across the country to provide consultation to their patients online. 

This health card will be more beneficial for people living in rural areas, and they will be able to get doctors’ guidance and consultation any time through an online platform. 

It will free patients from carrying old or previous reports for further check-ups. 

According to initial reports, every clinic, hospital, doctors across the country will be connected to this through a central server. 

This step will definitely bring revolution in India’s medical field. 

This mission aims to empower Indian citizens with high-quality healthcare. This digital health card will help you get medical suggestions or doctors’ consultation from any corner of the world. 

You can get this health Id by sitting at home. All you have to do is create a health Id by linking it with your mobile number or  Aadhar card. 

Once the health Id gets created, then all the data will be shared between hospitals and doctors digitally. 

Modi Ji also addressed a lot about the self-dependent and self-reliant India ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’ (Made in India). He said that I am absolutely confident in Indians; they can achieve what they want. When Indians are determined to do something, they don’t sit till they achieve it, they continuously put all their efforts to achieve their goal. 

Indians are boycotting Chinese products, Indians are using more and more Made in India products, and through these small steps, we are creating  self-reliant India, ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat.’


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