Husband of Late Tamilian actress and host VJ Chitra, Hemant was arrested on Monday night by Nazarathpettai police on the charges of abetting suicide.

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Husband of Late Tamilian actress and host VJ Chitra, Hemant was arrested on Monday night by Nazarathpettai police on the charges of abetting suicide. On the 9th of December, TV actress VJ Chitra has died by committing suicide near EVP film city in a private hotel in Chennai. Going by the reports, a case has been filed against her husband Hemanth by the police under section 306 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) for abetment of suicide. He is being lodged in Ponneri Jail after being produced before the Magistrate of Poonamallee Court. A case has now been filed against him and police have been continuously investigating this case for the past few days.

Police have been taking all the perspectives and angles into consideration while investigating the suicide of VJ Chitra. Be it her husband Hemant, the hotel staff, Chitras’ colleagues, her family members, and even her friends, all are in the zone of suspicion. Because Hemanth has been staying with his late wife Chitra for the past few days just before her death, the first suspect in the list of suspects has been Hemant and is being investigated by the police continuously for the past six to seven days.

Hemant and Chitra had gotten married in a secret ceremony two months ago and were going to have a proper traditional wedding in January next year. Parents of the late actress had called for a thorough investigation of the suicide of their beloved daughter as they have been suspecting foul play in the whole scenario.

According to the reports, Hemant had gone to the sets where Chitra was shooting to visit her, on the day offer suicide. It was not soon after that they were heard quarreling due to some differences that Hemant had with his late wife Chitra. Apart from these issues, Hemant was also seen showing reservations over a few intimate scenes in the shooting of an ongoing series of which VJ Chitra was a part. Chitra’s parents are calling for strict action against him as they are alleging foul play on the side of Hemant due to these reservations and differences. The autopsy report has clearly stated that the late actress and TV host VJ Chitra died by committing suicide and not by any other means. An investigation is being conducted by the police that is being headed by a Revenue divisional officer (RDO) because the actress died within a few months of her marriage with Hemant. An investigation was held by the officer with the family members of Chitra which included her mother, father, sister, and other relatives.

The engagement of Chitra was held in August 2020 and they got their marriage registered in October the same year. They were about to have a formal wedding in January or February next year.