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Are you uninterested with the tangling wires of keyboard and mouse or these extensions limit your freedom regarding the host i.e. laptop computer or PC? Then you’re reading the proper article which can amendment your dizzy life experience into passionate and mischievous expertise. when doing plenty of analysis and analysing each choice obtainable for wireless keyboard and mouse, I even have listed ten best wireless keyword and mouse combos, that area unit simply not solely in your budget however additionally equipped with the most recent technology and fabulous specification.

Having the most effective wireless keyboard and mouse will create your computing life rather more convenient, moveable, and pleasurable. However, you wish to form positive that you’re an investment in an exceeding keyboard that addresses your preferences for battery life, property, and personalised comfort. Here area unit some things to contemplate, particularly if you wish to seek out a wireless keyboard and mouse for recreation.

I have evaluated the keyword and mouse based on the following factors

  • Battery Life
  • Multimedia Hotkeys- for Keyboard
  • Adjustable DPI settings- for mouse
  • Compatibility with OS
  • Price

Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse in India 

1. Logitech MK240 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Logitech MK240 Wireless Keyboard

Logitech MK240 Wireless combo of Keyboard and Mouse runs on 2. GHz frequency and offers you an operating space of 10 meters.

 The Keyboard could be a premium keyboard with no. pad. It conjointly has Media Hotkeys which might be utilized by a mix of FN operate Key. The mouse has a three-button one with a plastic body.

 The data you sort on the keyboard is encrypted exploitation 128 bit AES cryptography so transferred to the pc. This feature prohibits hackers from knowing the knowledge you entered together with Banking and money data. Logitech MK215 is compatible with Windows and therefore the latest raincoat OS. 

However, the arrow keys square measure little and a touch weird that makes it unsuitable for Gamers.

Pros of Logitech MK215 Wireless Keyboard

  • Auto sleep feature in Mouse.
  • 128-bit AES Encryption – keyboard
  • Compatible with Mac OS and Windows
  • Both the keyboard and mouse has an on/off button

2. Dell KM117 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

With a portable computer like chiclet keys, Dell KM117 Wireless Keyboard Mouse ought to be your alternative if you’re trying to find a Wireless band while not compromising on your laptop’s feel. Dell KM117 Wireless Keyboard Mouse runs on a 2.4 GHz wireless frequency and a universal USB adapter is provided to attach each of them to your pc.

The keyboard attracts power from a pair of AAA batteries that measure enough to power it for a year and also the mouse runs on one AA battery that lasts for about 1 year. It has an associate FN operate key which might be employed in the combination of different keys for transmission operation. This product is value shopping due to its style and options.


  • 3 Dedicated multimedia keys
  • Laptop-like Chiclet keys


  • No Caps lock/ Num lock indicator
  • No Off switch for the keyboard.

3. Logitech MK220 Mouse & Wireless Laptop Keyboard

Logitech MK220 jazz band provides a wireless keyboard and mouse that gives you the liberty to play a game or do your work from the most distance of 10m from the host. The design of each mouse and keyboard is good and also the keys area unit terribly soft and reliable in doing work.

Logitech MK275 works on 2.4 GHz frequency and one nano adapter connects each component i.e. keyboard and mouse to your laptop. The keyboard runs on two AAA batteries that last for concerning two years and also the mouse attracts power from one AAA battery that is enough to power it. This Logitech band is compatible with Windows and Mac Os. So, you’ll use it interchangeably on your laptop and MacBook. Moreover, each keyboard and mouse have an ON/OFF switch.


  • Caps lock Indicator Light
  • Both Keyboard and mouse have an ON/OFF switch


  • No indicator for Num Lock.
  • Small Mouse size

3. Lenovo KB MICE_BO Wireless combo 100 Eng Wireless Laptop Keyboard 

Lenovo KB MICE_BO Wireless combo 100 Eng Wireless

If your work requires a lot of typing, then you should definitely consider Lenovo 100 Eng Wireless Combo. This combo provides alluring sleek design along with a full-size keyboard so you will not feel pain even if you type for hours on it. The keyboard keys are spill-resistant, if you accidentally spill your drink over the keyboard, it will not get damaged and work as usual.

The product comes with an ambidextrous mouse which can alter its usage or configuration as per left-handed person also. This Combo runs on a wireless frequency of 2.4 GHz and the free usage range is about 10 metres.

The keyboard has 3 LED indicator lights. One each for Caps Lock, Num Lock, and Low battery warning. It also has 2 dynamic buttons to alter volume of the system. It is compatible with an operating system like Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.


  • Spill-resistant keys
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Caps Lock and Num Lock Indicators


  • No Power-On / Off button

4. Flipkart SmartBuy Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo 

SmartBuy Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo

Flipkart SmartBuy Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo works on 2.4 GHz radiofrequency which gives you a roaming range of about 33 feet. The keyboard provided with the combo has soft keys for comfortable typing along with dedicated Caps Lock and Num Lock indicator lights. Along with that, it is integrated with 12 hotkeys for playing, pausing, and stop the music.

The mouse also has a dedicated DPI-customization switch with which you can increase or decrease the cursor’s speed and it is an ambidextrous mouse so you can easily configure it for yourself if you are left-handed.

This feature gives Gamers and Graphic designers an astonishing experience. This universal phenomenon combo is worth of buying.


  • 12 hotkeys
  • Caps Lock and Num Lock Indicators


  • It may take some time to adjust your hands on the keyboard if you are a laptop user
  • The scroll button of the mouse is not smooth

5. ProDot TLC Multimedia Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo 

 ProDot TLC Multimedia Wireless

The Keyboard of the ProDot TLC-107+145 combo has 10 dedicated dynamic Hotkeys for ease of tasks when you are playing games or surfing online. It works on a unique single nano USB adapter which enables both mouse and keyboard with your computer without any external hindrance.

The multimedia keys are conveniently placed on both sides and are painted with different colours for quick usage. The combo is integrated with three buttons on the mouse with a customizable DPI button. The mouse has a dedicated slot to store the USB adapter.

ProDot TLC-107+145 combos are compatible with all major Operating systems i.e. Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Chrome.


  • 10 dedicated Multimedia hotkeys
  • Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Chrome
  • DPI Adjustment switch


  • Average build quality
  • Small mouse size
  • No Caps Lock/ Num lock indicator

6. Zebronics Companion 102 Mouse & Wireless Laptop Keyboard

Zebronics Companion 102 Mouse & Wireless

If you have got a large pair of hands and you are looking for a full-size mouse and Keyboard combo, then Zebronics companion wireless Combo is the right choice for you. The combo features a full-size keyboard alongside a full-size mouse, so your large needs will certainly be fulfilled.

The keyboard features a slim and sleek design with laptop-like keys, though not as soft as on laptops. you’ll use the FN function key alongside the specified Function key to use the multimedia features on the keyboard.

The keyboard also boasts Caps lock and Num Lock indicators along with side low battery indicator. The mouse has given the combo a full size 3 button mouse with a fanatical DPI switch at the centre of the mouse. It comes with 3 preconfigured DPI levels 800, 1200, and 1600 to suit your every need whether it be gaming, Graphic designing, or general usage. Zebronics companion wireless combo is compatible with Windows Mac and Linux OS.   


  • Caps Lock and Num Lock Indicators
  • Adjustable DPI switch
  • Compatible with Mac Windows and Linux
  • Big size mouse- Suitable for large hands


  • Keyboard keys are a bit hard

7. HP Multimedia Slim Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo

HP Multimedia Slim Wireless

HP Multimedia Slim Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo should be your choice if you’re trying to find a full-size keyboard with laptop-like keys. The build quality of the keyboard is sweet and it feels premium on your computer table. It has 8 dedicated multimedia hotkeys placed right above the function keys. Also, the keys are soft and silent. This combo is reliable with laptops, Mac, and PC.

HP is one of the electronic brands which have captured the Indian market for so long. The design and the component used in HP are very reliable and decent.

The mouse may be a 3-button standard one with DPI adjustment switch which allows you to switch between 800, 1200, and 1600 DPI modes. Though HP Multimedia Slim Wireless Combo is the best choice under this price.


  • 8 Dedicated Multimedia hotkeys,
  • DPI Adjustment switch
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac


  • No Caps lock or Num lock Indicator
  • No Power-on / Off button

8. Logitech MK345 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Logitech MK345 Wireless Keyboard

Logitech MK345 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo are best for right-handed users as the mouse is ergonomically designed to suit their hands. The combo features a full-size keyboard with an outsized armrest to make sure maximum comfort while using. Also, the keys are spill-resistant so some amount of water or tea won’t do any harm to the keyboard.

The keyboard also has multimedia buttons that can be customized and are clubbed with regular function keys. you would like to use the FN key to activate any of the multimedia features. It works on 2 AAA batteries which power it for nearly 3 years before requiring replacement.

The mouse given the combo is exclusively made for right-handers with curves and palm rest which give absolute pleasure to the user. The mouse takes during a single AA battery and runs for about 18 months continuously. The Logitech MK345 Combo is compatible with OS like Windows, it is not workable with Mac. Else this product is remarkable, so don’t wait and bring this combo to your home.


  • Spill-proof design
  • Compatible with Windows and Chrome
  • Caps Lock indicator


  • Not compatible with Mac Os
  • Mouse only suitable for Right-handed people
  • No Num lock indicator

9. Lenovo 510 Mouse & Wireless Laptop Keyboard

 Lenovo 510 Mouse & Wireless Laptop Keyboard

Lenovo 510 wireless Combo comes with a full-size keyboard with a big armrest which ensures that you will not feel a bit of pain even after continuously writing for hours. It also has a Caps Lock indicator light. This reduces typographical errors as you’ll instantly know that you simply have accidentally pressed the Caps Lock key.

The mouse that comes with the combo may be a 3-button standard mouse with premium glossy looks. It works on 2 AA batteries that are enough to run a year. thanks to the extra-large size of the keyboard, the combo isn’t travelled friendly. It comes with a guaranty of three years.


  • caps lock led indicator l


  • No Power-on / Off button
  • Mouse design is prone to fingerprints


Whether you’re a student in need of convenience, a gamer who wants many spaces, or someone who prefers wireless products, there are many choices when it involves buying the simplest wireless keyboard and mouse combo that’s best suited for your budget and elegance.

regardless of how you spend some time on your computer, having a cushty and functional keyboard and mouse is important. If you’re going wireless, picking a wireless keyboard and mouse combo all comes down to choosing something dependable, practical, and worth your investment!


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