Top 10 Best home theatre systems in India under 3000


Top 10 Best home theatre systems in India under 3000

Who doesn’t like a room full of music, dim lights with a favourite song playing in the background, everyone loves that right? So, we are here with ano

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Who doesn’t like a room full of music, dim lights with a favourite song playing in the background, everyone loves that right? So, we are here with another for you about the best home theatre system in India under 3000, giving you an experience of theatre in your comfort zone.
With our full research, we have selected the best home theatre system with a high-quality experience. Our major aim is to provide you with information about the top-level products in the market and we have selected 10 best home theatre systems under 3000, so you can stop your search after reading our article and make a wise choice by selecting the best.
We have given our time and effort in selecting the price of each, so do read it till the end, and hope this article will solve all your problems.

Top 10 Best home theatre systems in India under 3000

1. Creative E2400 Home Theater System

Creative E2400 has 25-watt output with an amazing 2.1 channelling speaker. An RCT connectivity 2 Pendrive, built in FM. The home theatre has a weight of 3kg.
It comes up with a standard one year warranty. It has great features which connect you well with on-screen entertainment, build quality is perfect for a laptop, pc and tv. It gives good quality sound and vocals, even if you increase the volume the won’t be distorted.
The system is a great choice with dynamite woofers and breathtaking bass which will fill your home.
Let’s have a look on some key features-

● Clear sound
● Light-weighted
● Good quality bass
● Remote given
● Build-in adapter

The disadvantage of the product is that it has no LED display and Bluetooth connectivity.though it has other amazing features which makes it different.

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2. Zebronics bt 2490

Zebronics with 2.1 Bluetooth speakers gives a punchy bass and treble and high-quality sounds. Because of its great looks and clear voice, it is one of the finest products. The sound system is great with amazing quality, lightweight. The only disadvantage with this is it comes up with a cheap quality aux cable. Overall it is a perfect fit for your house.
It has multiple connectivities and LED displays with a 34-watt output. And a standard warranty of 1 year.
Let’s have a look on some key features-

● Lightweight
● Superb sound
● Powerful bass
● Beautiful Glossy look
● Full function remote control
It is the best option one choosing for multiple connectivity features.

3.F&D A180X

F & D is another beautiful home theatre with diamond shape design and top quality sound and has great bass, with multiple features for entertainment. If you are looking for a built-in FM feature, this will provide you with this feature. it is suitable for small parties and compatible for any audio, it is an awesome product and with its sound quality a very good music system for a home purpose. It has 40 W output, USB/AUX/BT, wireless streaming, LED display and 2.1 speakers. It also has a 1-year warranty

● Super bass
● Easy connectivity
● Crystal clear sound
● Full function remote controller

The only disadvantage is its poor Bluetooth range. But overall it is a good option to put in their homes.

4. iBall Tarang Classic

This classic piece comes up with 2.1 speakers with attractive looks and super sound without any disturbances. It has a high powered woofer, with a deep bass making the sound clearer.
It is portable and quite easy to carry.
The connectivity is quite great with large cable connectivity with the satellite speakers and builds in FM. The only disadvantage is that volume, Bass and Treble buttons are not operable on the subwoofer and those can be operated only by remote. Overall it is a good option to consider.
Let’s have a look on some key features-

● Deep bass
● Classic look
● Dynamic Subwoofer
● FM performance amazing
● Wireless streaming
● LED display
● 3.5 kg
● 1-year warranty

5.F&D A140X

It is a decent piece coming with a rustproof metal grill on speakers. This wooden built-in has FM stations up to 100 with superb quality and low distortion bass and one-touch Bluetooth connection. The speaker is fully controlled by a remote having an extra button of glowing the speakers in dark with multicolour LED lights at the centre of the speaker which make it more appealing and attractive with its black matt finish colour.
Let’s have a look on some key features-

● Connectivity
● Nice sound
● Awesome look
● Remote access
● 2.1 Bluetooth speaker
● Inbuilt FM 100 stations
● Wireless streaming
● LED lights
● 3.5 kg of weight
● 1-year warranty
The disadvantage is that it lacks sound and the LED cannot be turned off. Overall it is a good option.

6. F&D F210X

Another great home theatre with attractive looks and easy to operate due to its IR bases
remote controller, however, the bass is good but on higher volume but makes distortion in the sound. The Bluetooth connectivity is superb and FM performance is good, can store up to 100 stations and enjoy the music wirelessly.
Build quality is simple with rubberized buttons on the subwoofer overall this Bluetooth music system is quite decent in this price segment.
Let’s have a look on some key features-

● Crystal sound quality
● build quality super
● One-touch connectivity
● Portable & compact
● 34W Power
● LED lights
● Weight 3.5 kg
● 1-year warranty

The product is a good option, with its beautiful designs, it is attracted by many people. The disadvantage is that bass is low and there is sound distortion and cables are small.

7. iBall Hi-Basss 2.1 Speaker

iBall High- Bass 2.1 speakers come with an elegant design with a digital display on the front panel of the subwoofers which make it easy to control. It has an average bass and moderate performance and gives easier control to audio with the wireless feature.
It is lightweight and has an attractive design. This multimedia plex is best for music lovers and gives you a great experience of music at home.
Let’s have a look on some key features-

● 18 W RMS
● Digital LED display
● 2.5 kg of weight
● Multi connectivity options
● Portable & lightweight
● Compact & sleek
● Fully functional remote controller
The bass quality is not so good, overall it is a good option to consider.

8. Creative E2400 Home Theater System

Creative E2400 Home theatre system is another great option. It has also built-in FM, Pendrive connectivity which connects you well with the digital entertainment. With its crisp and good quality sound and distortion-free sound, it gives you a great experience at home.
This little package with dynamite woofers fill your house with great bass and exceptionally great sound, one must consider to buy it
Let’s have a look on some key features-

● 25 W power
● RCA connectivity2 – Pendrive
● Built-in FM
● 3kg
● Clear sound
● Lightweight
● Impressive bass & Treble
● Remote yes
● Built-in adapter

9. Tronica Super King Series

Tronica Home Theatre is a powerful sound beast with amazing bass sound quality at this price segment. Bluetooth connectivity is one touch. It has 44 watts of output with top-notch built quality with a surround speaker system and a short cable length, if you require to put away speakers to a corner place from the subwoofer then you have to buy a long cable wire. Overall this Tronica Multimedia system is a budget-friendly home theatre and is a good option to buy.
The system has a 5.1 channel speaker with LED display. It quite bulkier than other systems.
● Sound Quality: Superb
● Built-in Quality: Good
● Bass: outstanding
● Beautiful look
● pendrive/sd card//FM /AUX
● 5.02kg
● 3 months warranty
The home theatre has great features but the disadvantage about it is that it has short cable and the remote is quite basic considering the model with latest features.

10. Zebronics BT3440RUCF

Another beauty with amazing features under 3000. Zebronics BT3440RUCF comes up with 4.1 multimedia speakers. It has multiple connectivity options including bluetooth, SD card, and AUX. An in-built-FM is attached to it with excellent sound quality and powerful bass.
Due to its glossy and beautiful look it is attracted by many customers. I would highly recommend you this system due to its features and smooth remote functioning. In zebronics it comes up with the most beautiful design and features too at such a reasonable rate. It has a standard 1 year warranty.
Let’s check out some of the key features of it-

● 20W power
● 4.1 channel speakers
● LED display
● Wireless streaming
● 5 kg
● Good finish
● Excellent bass
● Connectivity – Good
● Support BT/USB/SD/AUX/FM

The only disadvantage is that it has short cable, overall it is a greta option to buy under 3000. With its superb features and glossy shine look, it gives a good look in your house and provides you great experience with music.

11. Philips Heartbeat

Last but not the least, Philips Heartbeat. As the name suggests it gives a sound quality which loudens your heartbeat. Philips is one of the most trusted brands among the customers, it is famous for it’s best service in electrical appliances, giving you both assurance as well as good quality. This home theatre comes up with 5.1 multimedia speakers with impressive sound quality with a a bit low bass and 28W output power designed to connect to all devices.
This comes up with 5 speakers and one subwoofer with remote control. It is a great option, having philips range that too at such an affordable price. I would recommend this system, if one is making a choice, as it gives you great features and connectivity options.
It has a standard warranty of 1 year.

Let’s have a look on some key features-

● 5.1 speakers
● USB 2.0
● Weight : 4.76 kg
● Good sound
● Remote – Yes
● Built-in quality


We have selected the best home theatre system which can suit best for your homes. We hope that this article will help you in making a wise choice. We usually have 2 perspcetives od buying So if one is choosing to buy home theatre system under 3000 , do remember to keep following points in mind-
● Power
● Size
● Subwoofer
● connectivity
● Performance
● Remote control
● Price & sound quality
We have arranged the list according to the ranking, and gave each and every detail which one should keep in mind while purchasing in future.
1. What to look for while buying a home theatre?
Below is the list of points you should keep in mind while buying a home theatre-
● TV- you will need a LED Tv with HDMI and other input options
● Room size- A large room usually echoes the sound which gives a great music experience. So the larger the room, larger should be the power output of your home theatre.
● Wireless connectivity- online streaming is quite trendy, so you can use spotify, hungama and such apps for your music services.
2. Is there any connectivity of mike with Home theatre?
Yes, most of the home theatre has AUX support in which you can connect your mike and enjoy the karaoke music.
3. Where to buy home theatre?
Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal are the E- commerce sites which gives you a wide variety of options to go with. They also provide you with a return and replacement facility, in case you are dissatisfied or some damage is there.
4. Can home theatre speakers be used with computers?
It can be connected to both laptop and computer.
We hope that the content provide by us will be useful to you and help you for making wise choice in buying a good quality Home theatre.