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The Asus ROG Phone 3 is designed primarily for gaming but tries to be a well-rounded flagshipclass phone.
The performance of the Snapdragon 865+ is of course the best, and it has ample amount of RAM and storage even on the
cheapest variant without Aero cooler, so this phone is really not going to slow you down in any way, especially with its
ultrafast UFS 3.1 storage which makes app launches quick. Asus ROG Phone 3 is the also best gaming phone right now,
with all its dedicated gaming focused features.

Asus ROG Phone 3 is large and heavy thanks to its 6000mAh battery. Now the battery life on the ROG phone 3 is of course a very big highlight because the 6000mAh number is insane while it does charge very fast with the included30w hyper charger.
You get fast RAM and storage, plus a full-HD+ AMOLED panel incliding a 144Hz refresh rate and HDR10+ support. Asus ROG
Phone 3 supports HDR10+ and it gets plenty bright to be readable outside, and the contrast ratio on its OLED screen also
makes everything look really great.

Asus has also customized the Asus ROG Phone 3 with its ultrasonic Air Triggers that act as physical gamepad-like buttons
for games. The Air triggers are very customizable, and let you do all kinds of things on the screen, and all the high
performance modes for consistently smooth gaming experience are also great.

But at least one positive side to this is that the audio quality with the included Type C to 3.5mm dongle is really good, and
it is able to drive my Heiman HE-4XX really well which require a lot of power, and it is much louder and clearer.

The company’s software lets you configure them and also manage several other shortcuts and optimizations for gaming.
There are three rear cameras, which take surprisingly good photos in the daytime and at night.
Asus has REALLY designed an exemplary software experience that other phones are not able to touch.

 Excellent performance in games
 Air Triggers, side-mounted USB port, large accessory ecosystem
 Good cameras
 Bright, vibrant display
 Gets warm when stressed
 Bulky and heavy
 No IP rating or wireless charging

ASUS Republic of Gamers Announces Asus ROG Phone 3 (22 July 2020)

Third-gen flagship gaming smartphone delivers absolute power with latest Snapdragon 865 Plus, 144 Hz / 1 ms
AMOLED display, a massive 6000 mAh battery, Air Trigger 3 ultrasonic buttons, Flagship Cameras and Dirac stereo

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