While the nation is yet to recover from the shock caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, another bomb has fallen on the head of the government as the nur

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While the nation is yet to recover from the shock caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, another bomb has fallen on the head of the government as the nurses working in All India Institute of Medical Sciences have gone for an indefinite strike. Due to the ongoing strike, hundreds of patients, many of whom have critical conditions have been left unattended in the hospital. They have been left unattended and due to this strike, their future seems to be at the brim. The hospital houses many critically ill patients who may lose their lives if the situation remains and the stalemate continues. The country’s top medical facility, having 5000 nurses under its roof, looked nothing less than a scene right out of a horror movie with the beds full yet the corridors standing empty. The Nurses’ Union has cited a long list of pending demands which includes clarity of salary structure and stopping the trend of hiring nurses on contract.

A photo was recently circulated over the internet showing the deserted AIIMS, making everyone realize the frightening reality amid the terror of the new COVID 19 strain during the ongoing pandemic.

The Nurses’ Union, which started its strike around 3:00 pm in the afternoon has placed 23 demands in front of the hospital authorities. Among the other demands, rectifying an anomaly in the implementation of the sixth pay commission recommendations seems to be on top of the priority list. The Union has been pressing for these demands for a very long time. It was during last year that a meeting was held between the representatives of the union and the government officials regarding their demands where the union has assured a solution to their issues only to be delayed.

General Secretary of the AIIMS Nurses Union, Fameer CK told the media that the demands placed by the union were being considered by the government till recently but it was a sudden Ut-turn from the side of the authorities when they got to know about the interviews to recruit contract workers.

An emotional appeal was made by The Director of All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Professor Randeep Guleria to its nurses, asking them to come back for work. In the appeal, he stated that the hospital takes extreme pride in nurses and other staff members for their fantastic work and the tremendous efforts that they put in their work, especially during such difficult times. The appeal which was made via video also said that although the 23 demands placed by the Nurses’ union have been fulfilled, yet the nurses have gone on strike, especially during such a difficult time when the whole nation is suffering as one. He evoked the lady with a lamp, Florence Nightingale, whose 200th birth anniversary was recently marked by the World Health Organization by naming the year 2020 as “The international year of the nurse and the midwife” saying that the nurses in today’s era have been working tirelessly during the pandemic.

The nurses’ union, who wasn’t in a mood to relent, put a straightforward question that though they respect the director why those recent assurances when the demands have been fulfilled by the authorities. The director stated that many meetings have been held by the authorities in order to explain to them the wrong interpretation of the sixth pay commission yet all in vain. He added that despite all this, the authorities are ready to consider their demands from a fresh note.